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Several tutorials are planned on the latest trends in industrial electronics and industrial informatics. If you are interested in organizing a tutorial, please download the template and contact to Tutorials Co-Chairs at tutorials@iecon2023.org.

Important date

§  Deadline for submission of tutorial proposals:   April 30, 2023


Accepted Tutorials


T01: Emerging and Disruptive Applications of Solid-State-Transformers

Sanjib Kumar Panda(Singapore), Harish S. Krishnamoorthy(USA), Jaydeep Saha(Singapore), Naga Brahmendra Gorla (india), Sriram Vaisambhayana (Singapore)


T02: Advances and Trends in Modular Multilevel Power Converters for Medium Voltage Grid Applications

Josep Pou (Singapore), Ezequiel Rodriguez Ramos (Singapore), Glen Ghias Farivar (Australia), Gorla Naga Brahmendra Yadav (India)


T03: Research ON Key Technologies of the Inductive Power Transfer with a Long Air Gap

Yijie Wang (China), Yueshi Guan (China), Jianwei Mai (China), Dianguo Xu (China)


T04: Cyber Physical System Security and Resilience in Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Milos Manic (USA), Timothy Pennington (USA), Benny J. Varghese (USA), Victor Cobilean (USA), Harindra S. Mavikumbure (USA)


T05: The Development, Applications and Challenges of Multi-level Converters in Flexible Traction Power Supply System

Xiaoqiong He (China), Lan Ma (China), Pengcheng Han (China)


T06: Integration of New Data-driven Battery Management Systems with Health-conscious Fast Charging Methods for Future E-mobility

Akash Samanta (Canada), Sheldon Williamson (Canada)